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Jan 23, 2013 6:00am PST
in the 120-member knesset. centrist parties and an extreme hardline party made gains. election officials says vote counting is nearly finished. the right wing bloc, led by the likud party, won the highest number of seats. exit polls think it will take about 30, down from the 42 it held before the vote. >> translator: thank you for giving me the chance to lead israel for a third time. we must form as large a coalition as possible. i've already started on this mission tonight. >> the centrist party is a future party and the center left labor party have increased their seats. so did the ultranationalist party, jewish home party, it opposes peace talks with the palestinians. >>> the outcome of israeli elections often has an impact on the middle east as a whole. i spoke earlier with a akira saheki, who watched the campaign unfold in jerusalem. what has changed in israel? >> reporter: well, prime minister netanyahu's ruling coalition remains the biggest bloc, and his hard lifeline policies have agreed a certain amount of support, despite stalled peace talks with the palestinians. the ultranationali
Jan 8, 2013 5:30am PST
more negotiations, that is. chuck hagel could find himself in a very good place in the knesset and even in the israeli cabinet. >> thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> the number of people out of work in the member countries of the euro zone hit a record high in november according to figures released under an hour ago. nearly 12% of 330 million people in 17 countries were unemployed. that means 19 million people are jobless. 2 million people at the same tired year ago. the european economy has been struggling with huge debts in the aftermath of the global banking crisis. rebels in northern myanmar say the army is continuing its air and ground assault against them. we have obtained these pictures of the fighting. the military reportedly attacked hilltop positions belonging to the independence army on monday. the only ethnic minority group that has not reached a truce with the government. the chinese government is reportedly looking to stop using controversial labor camps that critics say violate fundamental rights. the system has been used for years to silence political opponents. it
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Jan 6, 2013 8:00am PST
the deputy speaker of the israeli knesset and a member of the likud party. so, let's just explain, first of all, because there is a parliamentary system in israel, people won't necessarily go to the polls to vote for a prime minister, right? they are voting for a party. there are a lot of parties to choose from. >> in israel, you vote for a party, know a candidate. i believe that prime minister netanyahu will be the next prime minister and he will form the next coalition. but he will have to pay to the small parties. we are worried because we know we are winning the election. many people are voting for the small parties. so that would mean we valid to pay a lot of small parties to get the coalition and it will make a lot of challenges itch the prime minister gave a couple of interviews today in which he warned people about that. if you like me for prime minister, you are going to have to vote for my party. you can't assume by voting for the smaller parties that they will join a coalition with me and we can rule together. it seems to be -- it seems that the prime minister is concerned. >>
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Jan 22, 2013 1:00pm PST
-- knesset. and they break down how many votes each party gets. mr. netanyahu got 31 seats, you need 60-plus one, meaning 61 to form a government. mr. netanyahu in his usual groups of friends got many less than they were expected to. the exit polls put them at 61 seats, which makes you a very weak prime minister. now begins the horse trading, over the next coming week, we will see mr. netanyahu make a lot of tough choices. he promised the nationalistic party he won't make a peace deal with the palestinians, that loses the center left. does he promise the religious parties that he won't make members of the ultrareligious go to the military? that will hurt him with the center left who, want tax cuts and the help to the religious go down. when you have a narrow margin as a prime minister, historically, here, it means you are wake and not able to do anything significant in the knesset and we will be back to early elections, mr. netanyahu had had a very stable government. but like the united states, neil, israel is rocked by some severe economic problems here. there was a $10 billion budget defic
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Jan 22, 2013 3:00pm PST
to come in. netanyahu in the usual right wing coalition partners hit about 63 knesset seats. more necessary to form a government. but less than they would have liked and fewer than predic predicted. the coming weeks as they try to put together a coalition, he will have tough choices to make. with the smile of a man third term seemed assured they cast the ballots as the polls opened in jerusalem. the coalition began to fall apart over the domestic pressure on budget, a and military service for israeli ultra religious and possibility of a strike. on the nuclear facilities. he joined the party with the nationalist leader leeberman to quarter more 40 of the needed 61 knesset seats to form a government. but it doesn't materialize when netanyahu was battered from the left and the right. former chief of staff came on strong. bennettbe is the darling of the settleers who live on the land in west bank that palestinians want for the future state. his inclusion in netanyahu government would virtually assure the continued deadlock in talks. the left winging movement of the future partner prom
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Jan 27, 2013 9:00am PST
, the deputy speaker of the knesset. thank you for your time, sir. >> thank you. it's my pleasure to be on your show. >> shannon: i want to ask you what the mood is, the reaction there is in israel to senator hagel's nomination? >> we do not interfere in the nomination of the american president. but we do care about the actions, what actually will be taking place in washington, what will be the policy regarding iran, will it be only to watch and look what's happening here? or will we see actual leadership coming fwe expect to see actiong from washington. >> shannon: i want to ask but the election results there, important elections in israel this week. it seems to be a bit of a split in the knesset. what's your reaction? >> first, i say, prime minister netanyahu will continue to be the prime minister of israel. that's important. but it will not be easy. we need to form a coalition from different parties. it will not be easy to govern. we have to face major challenges, many the issue in iran and the instability in the region. but i am counting on prime minister netanyahu within a month will form
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Jan 3, 2013 7:00pm EST
to reinforce its border with syria as assad continues his assaulted on his people, knesset speaker is joining us tonight. resolving to cut taxes, and reform with a cast of characters, leading our nation that cast is unchanged. fox news chief congressional correspondent with the report. >> john boehner of state of ohio having received a majority of votes cast is dually elected speaker of the house of representatives. >> reporter: after a bruising end of his first term, john boehner has been voted to serve another two years, three members voted for eric cantor. >> with hope for the future of our country, i present the people's gavel to the speaker of the house. >> reporter: after winning the gavel, emotional boehner told them new and old. the job ahead will be difficult. >> our national debt is draining free enterprise and weakening. >> reporter: the speaker made it clear he intends to lead. >> public service was never meant to be an easy living, extraordinary challenges, and buy mands and -- demands and leadership. >> reporter: a boehner spokesman said he is recommitting himself and quote, let
Jan 17, 2013 11:00pm PST
as they are in the knesset because they argue -- you have people in the center, on the left fighting it out with netanyahu. you're allowed to fight with netanyahu, ladies and gentlemen. it's okay. your thoughts, peter. >> absolutely. there's no consensus on these views in israel. no one has a monopoly of being pro-israel, and chuck hagel reminds me of the israeli generals and people from the national security establishment like meir dagan who are warning about the potential for war with iran. they have seen it up close. >> and by the way, the history of anwar sadat and shimon peres and rabin, people who have fought the good wars, and eisenhower, if you will. >> and learned the lessons. >> and thank you, peter and joan. >>> up next -- this prompter is a little slow. two kennedys, former congressman patrick kennedy and his cousin christopher kennedy lawford, join us to talk about addiction and guns. this is "hardball," the place for politics. some brokerage than ordinary sweat. it smells worse, and it can happen any time -- to anyone! like when i ran to catch the train to work and a draft blew my skirt up a
Jan 22, 2013 6:00pm PST
was projected to win 11 seats in the knesset. he's now projected to win 19. >> ifill: does this mean, margaret, that netanyahu, even though he is the winner, now has to look to him to form a coalition? >> warner: he does, gwen. in fact, prime minister netanyahu was just here. he said he's already reached out. it was clear he meant to lapid. even before tonight's result, advisors to both camps were saying he was likely to reach out to lapid first because lapid is a centrist. he has one nonnegotiable demand which is that the religious, the ontario dks here be subjected to the draft. nenetanyahu has no problem with that. otherwise he's appealing to both left and right because he's focusing on economic issues. in fact there was a prominent likud backer here tonight who said, well, he's well known from television. he's good looking. he's handsome. he's articulate and he speaks good sense. so there isn't likely to be a huge rejection of lapid-netanyahu coalition by netanyahu's traditional supporters but that still only leaves him with 50 of the 60-plus that he would need. so it's really where netany
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Jan 22, 2013 8:00am PST
they will whip just over a quarter of the seats in the knesset, the israeli parliament. which means they will have to form, netanyahu, even if he does win will have to form a coalition. looks as if at the moment if the coalition building will be very difficult and he will have to rely on several smaller parties to gain a majority in the parliament. this will not really guaranty a very strong and solid government in the years to come. you know i was watching the inauguration yesterday and following your elections very closely and regardless of whether you voted for or against, or didn't vote for president obama, you now have an administration for four years. you know exactly when your next elections are going to be. this is not the case in israel. and we may actually find ourselves having another election in a year or two because this government does not look as if it is going to be very solid. that reflects also on your questions regarding iran. you need a very strong unity government in order to take a bold decision such as striking iran. and therefore, i, i'm not sure what the res
Jan 8, 2013 7:00am EST
. why doesn't he moved to israel and joined the knesset because many of us don't feel like he feels about israel and their politicians should not have to be vetted by a coward like lieberman or lindsey graham. host: why are you calling them a coward? caller: it is all about israel to these clowns and i am sick of it. we give these people $3 billion per year and all they do is give us guff. that is why. host: we are taking your phone calls this morning. about foreign policy challenges in 2013. this is the opening section of "usa today" - >there are other stories in noting that the former senator, chuck hagel, when he was in office, approved about $38 billion in aid for the jewish state along with multiple trips to beat -- to meet with leaders there. that is a little bit of background on chuck hagel. david, indianapolis, democratic caller -- caller: good morning. i wanted to comment on the changes in the foreign policy that we will see. i agree with the last speaker, i believe the israelis need to be rained down. these guys used hawks, they elect hawks to take over their government an
Jan 4, 2013 9:00am EST
the roadway structure in the queens midtown and the hue of kerry tells. we must also the knesset investment to protect this 100 year -- 108 year old system from future songs. we must rebuild smarter. manhattan south fairways subway station is a perfect example. we spent over $500 to rebuild at that time. it serves over 30,000 riders a day. it was completely destroyed due to serve the storm stay and become and we need to replace it. the station, a source underground, was completely filled from floor to ceiling with corrosive saltwater. the last thing we want to do is come back to congress for another $600 million after the next one hits, but we will if we have to. it is in the best interest to protect this critical station and other infrastructure elements so are large federal investments can be wisely spent. as superstorm sandy demonstrated, when npa shuts down, the nation's largest regional economy shuts down. it's critical that we make the necessary investments to protect the south ferry station and other critical infrastructure elements. our needs are great but this is could a much more
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)